Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ღ Hιdαи Lɛмoи

“Deidara—are you sure about this?” I asked, holding onto my very close friend’s arm while walking down the hall, towards the main room. He had this brilliant idea to play spin the bottle, and have Hidan get me. Me! “What if he doesn’t…you know…want me?” my nervous smile turned into a frown as I thought about the outcomes.

Deidara just shook his head, and started walking a little faster. “He will, un. You just don’t know Zeini-Chan!” the blonde exclaimed, finding amusement in my worried tone. “Konan and I already made sure you both would get to go in first, un.” He replied, seeming a bit hesitant when he said Konan and I, as if he wanted to add someone else to it.

”What are trying to do,” I said. “Get me raped? He’s not the gentlest of people, Deidara-Niisan!” the hoarse whisper came out fiercely, almost causing Deidara to stumble from both that, and me calling him my ‘Niisan’.

But after recovering from his state of shock, Deidara just rolled his eyes, and pulled me over to the circle in the middle of the floor, which had almost all of the Akatsuki members around an empty bottle of sake.

“I got her, un.” Deidara said while sitting down crisscross on one of the many pillows. “So who’s going to go first?” The blonde glanced over at Hidan, who looked a little afraid to spin. Deidara chuckled a bit at Hidan. “Go, are you chicken?”

The Jashinist shook his head, snapping out of his obvious days then spin the empty bottle. It spun around and around—until I noticed that as soon as it hit Kisame, who was beside me, it stopped for about a millisecond…and then landed on me. Me!

My face lit up bright red, as Deidara and many of the other members wolf whistled for Hidan, and possibly cheered on my selection. On the inside, I felt as if I were about to burst. I honestly did love Hidan with a deep, fiery passion. My stomach churned, and it felt as if there were butterflies fluttering around inside as I walked into the closet, my Jashinist close behind.

As soon as we got inside and he closed the door, my heart started beating against my chest. My ribs ached, and my head started to feel dizzy with his presence lingering around me. I felt the same warm, tingly sensation I always got when I was around him.

“Hey…” Hidan said, stuttering just the slightest. I wondered what was going on with him—he wasn’t normally like this around me. What had happened? I felt his stare on me; even though it was pitch black, so there was no way that I would be able to see inside that closet. “How have you been?” I felt him lingering around me, making me feel…good.

“I’ve been feeling better, as always.” I replied, snuggling deeper into the closet as I felt him coming closer. Each of his steps flooded my mind. I couldn’t help but think about what might happen. Though I wanted to make advances, the confidence to do so just never came.

Before I knew it, I felt the tingling sensation at my neck, which was cause by his hot, steamy breath upon it. It made me shiver a bit, noticing how close he was. “I’ve felt worst.” His hands snaked up from my hips to my stomach, pushing my body against the wall. “I’m not doing this here,” Hidan said whispered huskily into my ear. The Jashinist grabbed my wrist, and opened up the door.

Deidara sat, smirking, satisfied with how well his plan had worked out as Hidan dragged me up the stairs, and into his room. As soon as we met the top, and were soon to turn around the corner, wolf whistles arose from the downstairs part of the base. I felt sort of embarrassed…but I guess my hormones had kicked in—all I wanted to do now was make love with Hidan.

Pulling me into his dark, secluded room, I started to whimper just the slightest. “…Hidan, I’m a virgin…” I looked down at the floor, which was splattered by small splotches of blood from earlier rituals. “I know it’s gonna—“

“Yeah, it’s gonna hurt like hell. But I love you, and I would never do anything on purpose to hurt you…” he replied, interrupting my unfinished sentence. He slowly pushed me onto the bed. Feeling his hands snake up and down my body was the best feeling I had ever had…yet. I bit the inside of my lip, chewing it softly as his fingers ran up and down my stomach under my shirt.

Noticing I had ignored his earlier statement, I smiled at him, while still suppressing a low moan. “I love you too, you know…” I answered bluntly, arching my back just a bit from the pleasure that was already coming in. I didn’t know if my body was going to be able to suppress the pleasure if it was already having this much pressure.

Leaning down further, Hidan bit my neck softly. It was a surprise at first—I hadn’t expected him to go this gentle. Moaning softly, I placed my hands on the tops of his shoulders, needing a moment to rejuvenate. However I wanted more. Hidan smirked against my neck as the warm feeling of blood slowly trickled down the side of my neck.

I shivered as his warm tongue glided over my rather soft skin, licking up the thin red fluid. He pulled away, smirking as he saw my pleased face. Without saying another word, Hidan dived forward towards my lips, kissing them with a sensational passion. I gasped a little in sock, before kissing back the best way I knew how. I felt my legs being pushed back as he came closer towards my body.

Opening them wider so he could come fully between, I moaned feeling his hand snake up my shirt. The feeling was good as his hand caressed my right breast underneath the cloth. I looked down warily, “Your…going a little g-gentle…” I stuttered as he started to squeeze the slightest bit as I just finished saying gentle. He pulled his hand from underneath my now pulled up shirt, and placed it on my cheek.

“Would you like me to go any fucking harder?” He asked, smirking a little as he came closer, pushing his pelvis closer towards mine. “Because I would gladly,” he whispered hoarsely, kissing my neck again before dragging his lips down my goose bump covered body, towards my stomach stopping at the elastic part of my underwear.

“N-no…this is fine…unh…” I managed, aching for him to just touch me already. My face was reddened the slightest bit by the moment. I had never had any contact with a man before—but I was happy that Hidan was going to be my first…and that he loved me. “Stop teasing…” I begged, leaning back while arching myself, holding onto my sides with eagerness.

Smirking, Hidan nibbled at the rim of my panties, teasing me even more. An irritated growl escaped my throat, causing him to get a bit lost since I was already reacting to his teasing. He shook his head, and continued on. Unbuttoning my pants, I suppressed a moaned as his skin pressed up against my inner thighs that still had denim covering my bare skin. Hidan could sense this, and in return smirked against my now visible lower stomach.

Apparently the Jashinist had decided to tease me further, and snake up my body towards by breasts. ‘At least he’s not doing anything worst,’ I thought while he pulled my shirt over my breasts. I was letting him do all the work, and he seemed to be taking great pleasure at this. His left hand prodded at my bra clasp. I pushed him away a bit.

”Take off the shirt first, lover boy,” I said while giggling a bit at the eager face Hidan was making towards me. His hands quickly shot down towards the bottom of my long shirt, which was now sitting atop my breasts. His hands curled under, touching the fare skin of my breasts slightly as he slipped my black t-shirt over my head.

Now getting into the groove, I placed my hands on his well-chiseled chest, signaling I wanted it off. “I have my shirt off, now take yours off.” I demanded, snuggling deep into the crevice of his neck. I could feel him shake his head.

“Not until you take that shit off,” he pointed towards my bra. “Then I’ll take mine off.” He smirked slightly, but it was noticeable at the moment. I just rolled my eyes, and played with the clasp at the back. Successfully managing the clothing off, a hid myself with both of my arms, a little nervous as to what Hidan was going to think about my breasts.

“Don’t hide them from me,” he spoke softly while moving my arms to my sides, keeping them there on purpose. “You know you’re beautiful, right?” he proceeded to ask, staring at the valley between the two lumps. I looked down at the change in fabric in his pants. He was most definitely hard.

“Now yours,” I demanded while placing my hands on my hips still looking at his held back erection. “Take it off, and then we’ll get to the pants.” I continued now a little surer of myself. Hidan did as told eagerly, unzipping his already half zipped up cloak, and throwing it to a random place in the room. Before I could blink Hidan was buried into my mouth again, forcing his tongue into mine. He explored each and every crevice while exploring my visible skin, and up to my breasts. A moan escaped my throat as he reached them, caressing the lumps that lay upon my chest, squeezing them every once and awhile.

As Hidan came closer to kiss my neck again, his hard member prodded against my womanhood, which was a shocker at first. A patch of wet formed across the black fabric as he did so, which caused another moan to escape my now open mouth. “Hidan stop teasing…!” He added with more fierceness that before. He grunted in surprise, but proceed to pull down my pants along with my silky, black underwear. I then grabbed the sides of his, and pulled them down impatiently, not wanting to wait for the pleasure that was going to come soon. Hidan then took off his crimson red boxers—the color of blood.

I stared down at his pulsating member, as it seemed to grow with each and every second I stared at it further. He smirked as he noticed my smiling face, and pushed me down onto the bed forcefully. I yelped a little at his actions, but soon got back into the groove.

His length prodded against my wet, silky opening. “I hope you enjoy this,” was his last words towards me, before penetrating my entrance while holding onto my sides. I gasped in pain as he took his cock out, and then back in several times. The pain was horrible…but I knew that it would soon turn to pleasure, and I had nothing to worry about. A few tears welled up in my eyes as he continued to pump in and out slowly. He looked at my teary eyed face with a little concern in his own eyes. “Do you want me to stop?” He asked, slowing down even more. I shook my head.

“No, keep going. I want you to take me.” I replied while arching my back even more than it already was. I flung my head back at the arriving pleasure. It rushed from my warmth towards my head, as it clouded my body I forced out a loud moan mixed with something that sounded like a groan. My walls closed and opened several times—and I was sure I was orgasming several times, but Hidan never seemed to feel the rush of warm juice on his member.

However when I did look up at him, he had his head thrown back groaning to the heavens about how good he felt feeling my tight walls surrounding his huge cock. His hands were pushing my sides in even further. The feeling the both of us shared…was magical.  I threw my head back even further, although I already thought that was physically impossible.

”I…I think I’m g-gonna…fu-uck! Come…” I exclaimed between moans of pleasure. Hidan just kept pumping harder and harder, as I thought he was ignoring my comment. I was trying to hold it in as long as possible to gain more pleasure from the Jashinist, and I wanted to come along with him.

He looked me in my now face forward head. I had laid myself on the bed, not having the energy to arch anymore. “Don’t come until I fucking say you can…!” he demanded, pumping his member in and out harder and harder each time.

A few more pumps later, the Jashinist leaned forward, a let out an extremely loud groan, “Come!” He screamed, while flinging back his head. I did exactly as told, letting my warm sticky fluids engulf around his still hard length. I felt his semen arrive as well. Feeling this sensation was the best ever. My walls still closed around his cock, opening and closing again.

Hidan leaned forward, and leaned over my tired body. “I love you so fucking much,” he cooed, rolling over to the side of the bed, and pulling an unfolded blanket from the floor as he wrapped it around our still sweaty bodies. “I really fucking do.” He nuzzled his head into the crease of my neck, breathing in the scent of my hair.

A smile spread across my pleased face as a whispered the only words I could think of at the moment towards the Jashinist. “I fucking love you too.”